Capital City Farmers’ Market | Saturday, August 28 | 9am-noon


Super excited about the Saturday market that lies ahead! The lot will be filled with vendors ready to stock you up on all the local products you want!!

Kasemeister Creamery is back this weekend with a variety of cheese, buns, and canned goods. If you want to place an order ahead of time or perhaps add some items they aren’t bringing (their grated Romano is delish on pizza, just sayin’), use the form at the bottom of this page and email your order by 5pm (CST) on Friday, August 27.

The bell rings at 9am, at the corner of Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street. We hope to see you there!

This week’s vendors:

    • B&G Produce
    • Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones
    • Bee Bounty
    • Destined Bound Books
    • Inner Light 23
    • JusyMulungi
    • Kasemeister Creamery
    • Nancy’s Nest

Baked Goods & Sweet Treats

  • Baked Goods (Inner Light 23)
  • Cherry Almond Butter Crust Hand Pies (Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones)
  • Chocolate with Toasted Coconut Scones (Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones)
  • Energy Bites (Nancy’s Nest)
  • Fresh Bakes Buns (Kasemeister Creamery)

Bath & Body

  • All Natural Body Moisturizers and Oils (Inner Light 23)
  • Body Butter (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Body Oil (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Body Scrub (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Body Scrub with Honey (Bee Bounty)
  • Body Wash (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • CBD Products (Inner Light 23)
  • Deodorant (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Face Wash (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Handmade Soap (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Lotion (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)
  • Lotion with Honey (Bee Bounty)
  • Serums (JusyMulungi Cosmetics)

Beef (Nancy’s Nest)

Books (Destined Bound Books)

Canned Goods & Shelf-Stable Items

  • Bloody Mary Pickles (Kasemeister Creamery)
  • Bread & Butter Pickles (Inner Light 23)
  • Dill Pickles (Kasemeister Creamery)
  • Freeze-Dried Mixed Veggies & Other Items (Bee Bounty)
  • Garden in the Jar (Kasemeister Creamery)
  • Honey Butter (Bee Bounty)
    • Cranberry Orange
    • Pumpkin Spice
  • Salsa with Honey (Bee Bounty)
  • Sweet Jalapeno Pickles (Kasemeister Creamery)
  • Sweet ‘n Spicy Pepper Relish (Inner Light 23)

Cheese (Kasemeister Creamery)

  • 8oz Blocks
    • Apple Cinnamon
    • Applewood Smoked Cheddar
    • Colby Jack
    • Pepper Jack
    • Reserve Cheddar
  • 8oz Curds
    • Bacon Jalapeno
    • Mild Cheddar
    • Onion & Garlic
    • Ranch

Creative Items (Inner Light 23)

  • Charcuterie Boards
  • Wrapped Crystal Necklaces

Farm Fresh Eggs (B&G Produce, Nancy’s Nest)

Four-Legged Friends (Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones)

  • Dog Biscuits
    • Hearty Beef, small & medium size treats
    • Savory Chicken, small & medium size treats

Honey (Nancy’s Nest)

Produce (B&G Produce)

  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers, pickling
  • Eggplant
  • Herb Bundle, bunch of celery, parsley, & basil
  • Kohlrabi
  • Summer Squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini

Thank you for your support and we’ll see you on Saturday morning at the 9am bell!


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