Thanksgiving at the Capital City Farmers’ Market – Saturday, November 17 – 9am-noon

It’s time for our annual Thanksgiving market. And, per the usual, it’s scheduled to be a chilly Saturday morning. So, layer up (we will!) and make your first purchase at hummingbird for a pour over coffee before stopping by the other booths to load up on goodies for next week and this winter!

The Noyes girls will be selling baked goodies and treats as a fundraiser for the National Youth Gathering. Be sure to stop by and check out their booth.

If you haven’t done it already, this is your weekend to stock the freezer for winter and get your holiday turkey! Beef roasts, chicken feet for homemade stock, breakfast sausage, lamb chops, ham, and so much more!! You will love having a freezer full of local goodness.

B&G Produce is having a whopping sale on winter squash. Twenty pounds for $10!!! Stored in a cool, dark place in your house, most of these squash will last all winter.

And, remember, many of the vegetables available this weekend will easily store into winter and the new year…just ask us how!

As a market, we accept credit cards and EBT. Shop vendors who accept cc/EBT and pay once before you leave! Stop at the Market Manager booth to start the process and have fun shopping.

This week’s vendors:     B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms, hummingbird, Nancy’s Nest 

Baked Goods & Bread

  • Baked Goodies & Treats (Noyes girls fundraiser for the National Youth Gathering)
  • Buttermilk Biscuits, Sugared Lemon Blueberry with Citrus Glaze (B&G Produce)
  • Lemon Rosemary Shortbread (hummingbird)
  • Organic
    • Cookies (Nancy’s Nest)
      • Cheesecake, Chocolate Dipped
      • Ginger Snaps
      • Sun-Butter, gluten free
      • Triple Chocolate Chip
    • Granola (B&G Produce)
  • Rustic Bread (B&G Produce)
    • Cranberry Almond Orange
    • Mediterranean Kalamata Goat Cheese
    • Rosemary Gruyere
    • Six Seed
    • Sun-Dried Tomato Roasted Garlic
    • White Chocolate Blueberry

Coffee & Beverages (hummingbird)

  • Cold Brew
  • Pour Over Coffee 

Farm to Table (B&G Produce)

  • Hummus
    • Original
    • Cilantro Jalapeno
    • Spiced Winter Squash 

Four Legged Friends (B&G Produce)

  • Catnip Toys 

From The Garden

  • Beets (Hanisch Farms)
  • Broccoli (B&G Produce)
  • Carrots (Hanisch Farms)
  • Celery (B&G Produce)
  • Jerusalem Artichokes (B&G Produce)
  • Kale (B&G Produce)
  • Kohlrabi (B&G Produce)
  • Mini Romaine (B&G Produce)
  • Onions (Hanisch Farms)
  • Potatoes (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
  • Radish (B&G Produce)
  • Turnips (Hanisch Farms)
  • Winter Squash (B&G Produce & Hanisch Farms) 

Gift Baskets (B&G Produce)

  • Pre-order now for Christmas pick up/delivery 

Honey (Nancy’s Nest) 


  • Beef (Hanisch Farms)
    • Ground Beef (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Brisket (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Chuck Roast (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Rump Roast (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Sirloin Tip Roast (Nancy’s Nest)
    • T-Bone Steak (Nancy’s Nest)
  • Chicken (Hanisch Farms)
  • Duck (Hanisch Farms)
  • Lamb (Hanisch Farms)
  • Pork, including ham (Hanisch Farms)
  • Turkey (Hanisch Farms) 

Where?              Public Parking lot on the corner of Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street (1 block east of downtown Pierre) 

When?                 Saturday, 9am-noon 

Why?                    Your Thanksgiving dinner could be 90% local! 

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If you know anyone interested in selling produce, baked goods, meat/poultry, eggs, or craft items, please have them visit our website (, call or email Julie Bolding at 224.4348 or

See you Saturday!

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