Capital City Farmers’ Market – Saturday, May 19 – 9am-noon

Rain or shine, we’ll be at market Saturday. One of my favorite memories from our trips abroad was at a farmers’ market in Strasbourg, France. It was a rainy Saturday morning when we strolled through the market using our lime green umbrella with blue polka dots, which I had packed…just in case, to shield us from the rain. We wandered through a sea of umbrellas, stopping at each vendor, selecting items for the week. I loved making my way through the crowd, lifting our umbrella to pass by another customer, enjoying the sense of community, and immersing ourselves into their local food scene. Let’s have that same feeling of community and local food this Saturday.

Face Painting is back this weekend! Meridith will be painting fun and bright creations on all the kiddos.

Bad River Pack and Hanisch Farms are joining us for the first time this season. After a winter down South, Don and Mary of Bad River Pack are ready to share their tasty meat snacks and adorable crafted items with us. And, Hanisch Farms will take over their “space” on the end with a trailer loaded with meaty goodness!

As a market, we accept credit cards and EBT. Shop vendors who accept cc/EBT and pay once before you leave! Stop at the Market Manager booth to start the process and have fun shopping.

This week’s vendors: A/E Morels,    B&G Produce, Bad River Pack, Bub’s Produce, Burnished Hope, Décor by Dettman, Hanisch Farms, Nancy’s Nest, Venner Farm

Activities & More

Baked Goods & Bread

  • Buttermilk Biscuits (B&G Produce)
    • Lemon Blueberry with Citrus Glaze
    • Original
  • Cookies (Venner Farm)
    • Breakfast
    • Chocolate Chip, gluten free
    • Date Drops
  • Crisps (Venner Farm)
    • Blueberry
    • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Organic
    • Chocolate Hazelnut Ruglage (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Coffee Chocolate Cake (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Granola (B&G Produce)
    • Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies (Nancy’s Nest)
  • Quick Bread (Venner Farm)
    • Lemon Poppy Seed
    • SD Honey Banana
  • Rustic Bread (B&G Produce)
    • Bacon Blue Cheese
    • Pumpkin Harvest
    • Rustic Wheat
    • Sun-Dried Tomato Roasted Garlic 

Canned Goods (B&G Produce)

  • Eggplant Chutney 

Coffee Beans (B&G Produce)

  • Coffee Beans
    • Colombia
    • Guatemala 

Creative Items

  • Copper & Silver Jewelry (Burnished Hope)
  • Crocheted Scrubbies (Bad River Pack)
  • Ella & Mason’s Magnets (Bad River Pack)
  • Felted Wool Bird Decorations (Bad River Pack)
  • Felted Wool Pillows (Bad River Pack)
  • Knit Dish Cloths & Scrubbies (Bad River Pack)
  • Natural “Seed Packets” (Venner Farm)
    • Holly Hock
    • Poppy Seed Pods
  • Upcycled Refrigerator Magnets (B&G Produce)
  • Wooden & Metal Homeware (Décor by Dettman) 

Farm Fresh Eggs (Hanisch Farms) 

Farm to Table (B&G Produce)

  • Hummus
    • Original
    • Roasted Garlic Chipotle 

Four Legged Friends (B&G Produce)

  • Catnip Toys 

From The Garden

  • Asparagus (Bub’s Produce, Hanisch Farms)
  • Herbs (B&G Produce)
    • Chives
    • Tarragon
  • Lettuce (B&G Produce)
    • Mini Romaine
    • Mixed Lettuce
  • Morel Mushrooms (A/E Morels)
  • Rhubarb (B&G Produce, Bub’s Produce)
  • Shoots (B&G Produce)
    • Pea Shoots
    • Sunflower Shoots
  • Sorrel (Venner Farm)
  • Walking Onions (B&G Produce)

Grains & The Like (Venner Farm)

  • Flour
    • Blue Corn
    • Whole Wheat
  • Organic Golden Flax
  • Organic Wheat Berries


  • Beef
    • Ground Beef, 1lb package (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Liver (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Roasts, 3-4lb each (Nancy’s Nest)
      • Chuck
      • Rump
      • Sirloin Tip
    • Steak, 2 per package (Nancy’s Nest)
      • Cubed
      • Ribeye
      • Sirloin
      • T-bone
      • Tenderloin
    • Stew Meat, approximately 1lb (Nancy’s Nest)
    • Various Cuts (Hanisch Farms)
  • Beef Jerky (Bad River Pack)
  • Chicken (Hanisch Farms)
  • Chicken Snack Sticks (Bad River Pack)
  • Lamb (Hanisch Farms)
  • Pemmican (Bad River Pack)
  • Pork (Hanisch Farms)
  • Summer Sausage Snack & Meat Sticks (Bad River Pack) 

Pantry Staples (Venner Farm)

  • Dried Cayenne Peppers
  • Dried Dill Weed 

Perennials (Venner Farm)

  • Iris
  • Yarrow 

Seedlings (Venner Farm)

  • Basil
  • Butternut Squash, Waltham
  • Cucumbers, Boston Pickling
  • Thyme
  • Tomatoes
  • Yellow Summer Squash

Where?                Public Parking lot on the corner of Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street (1 block east of downtown Pierre) 

When?                 Saturday, 9am-noon 

Why?                    Poached eggs & sautéed asparagus on toasted bread, drizzled with Hollandaise should be your Sunday breakfast. 

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If you know anyone interested in selling produce, baked goods, meat/poultry, eggs, or craft items, please have them visit our website, call or email Julie Bolding at 224.4348 or

See you Saturday!

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