Capital City Farmers’ Market – Saturday, August 26 – 9am-noon

It’s getting to that point in the season where a lot of things we planted way back in May are finally starting to produce. Eggplant is coming in strong. Bell peppers are starting to turn various shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Celery stalks are thickening. Now, if we can just coerce the tomatoes into producing, we’d be in great shape.

Before we get into the vendors this week, B&G Produce would like to share information about a Chamber event in which they are participating. Imagine This Tour of Homes will be September 9 from 1pm-5pm. You’ll tour homes in various stages and enjoy food along the way. B&G Produce will be at one of these homes with their Farm to Table products to sample. More information is available here. Tickets are $25, but if you purchase your ticket this Friday, August 25, you’ll get a 2nd ticket FREE! Check out the details here.

We are super excited to welcome Paws Animal Rescue this weekend! They will be selling tickets to their Raise the Woof comedy show on October 7 as well as Grand Prize Raffle tickets for a Traeger Pro Series 22. More information is available on their Facebook page. Be sure to stop by their booth to support homeless cats and dogs in our area.

We also have a new vendor this week! Please help us welcome Rachel of Haines Homestead. She is bringing homemade bath and beauty products along with some produce and baked goods, including vegan options.

Hanisch Farms is back this weekend with an abundance of produce and the first melons of the season! Roaster chickens are also back in stock, so get them while you can!

Beverly has her fun painted pavers and Halloween décor.

B&G Produce has their ever popular Blue Cheese Walnut Pesto and Herbed Artichoke Hummus. Plus, new Cinnamon Raisin Buttermilk Biscuits!

As a market, we accept credit cards and EBT. Shop all the vendors and pay once before you leave! Stop at the Market Manager booth to start the process and have fun shopping.

This week’s vendors:     B&G Produce, Beverly Duffel, Haines Homestead, Hanisch Farms, Paws Animal Rescue

Baked Goods & Bread

  • Buttermilk Biscuits (B&G Produce)
    • Plain
    • Cinnamon Raisin with Icing – samples available – NEW!!
  • Organic Granola – samples available (B&G Produce)
  • Peanut Butter Cookies, gluten free (Haines Homestead) – NEW!!
  • Pop Tarts, gluten free (Haines Homestead) – NEW!!
  • Rustic Bread (B&G Produce)
    • Asiago Thyme
    • Rustic Wheat
    • White Chocolate Blueberry
  • Trail Bars, gluten free…they are like Lara Bars (Haines Homestead) – NEW!!
  • Vegan Breakfast Quiches Muffins, gluten free (Haines Homestead) – NEW!! 

Bath & Beauty (Haines Homestead) – NEW!!

  • Bath Bombs
  • Bath Soaks
  • Chapstick
  • Lotion Sticks 

Coffee Beans (B&G Produce) 

Creative Items (Beverly Duffel)

  • Halloween Décor
  • Painted Pavers 

Farm Fresh Eggs (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms) 

Farm to Table (B&G Produce)

  • Blue Cheese Walnut Pesto – samples available
  • Hummus – samples available
    • Plain
    • Herbed Artichoke 

Four-Legged Friends (Paws Animal Rescue)

  • Grand Prize raffle tickets for a Traeger Pro Series 22
  • Tickets to Raise the Woof comedy show 

From The Garden

  • Basil (B&G Produce)
  • Beets (B&G Produce)
  • Broccoli (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
  • Cabbage Hanisch Farms
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Savoy
  • Carrots (B&G Produce)
  • Celery (B&G Produce)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
  • Cucumbers (B&G Produce, Haines Homestead, Hanisch Farms)
  • Eggplant
    • Purple (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
    • White (Hanisch Farms)
  • Green Beans (Hanisch Farms)
  • Head Lettuce (B&G Produce)
  • Kale (B&G Produce)
  • Leeks (B&G Produce)
  • New Potatoes
    • All Blue & Yukon (B&G Produce)
    • Red & White (Hanisch Farms)
  • Onions (Hanisch Farms)
    • Long Red of Tropea (B&G Produce)
  • Parsley (B&G Produce)
  • Pea Shoots – samples available (B&G Produce)
  • Peppers
    • Banana Peppers (Hanisch Farms)
    • Bell Peppers (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
    • Jalapeno (Hanisch Farms)
    • Padron (B&G Produce)
    • Red Cherry Bombs (Hanisch Farms)
  • Scallions (B&G Produce)
  • Shallots (B&G Produce)
  • Summer Squash (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
  • Swiss Chard (B&G Produce)
  • Tomatoes (B&G Produce, Hanisch Farms)
  • Zucchini (Hanisch Farms)

Fruit (Hanisch Farms) – NEW!!

  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Watermelon 

Meat (Hanisch Farms)

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Pork

Where?               Public Parking lot on the corner of Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street (1 block east of downtown Pierre)

When?                 Saturday, 9am-noon

Why?                    Homemade pop tarts beat the heck out of store bought! 

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See you Saturday!

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