Market – Saturday, September 17


I stayed at the farm last night. Debby put a pork loin in the oven and I was charged with a side dish. Ok. So, I went into the garden and harvested a Walla Walla onion, broccoli head, a couple zucchini, and a handful of baby carrots. After blanching the broccoli and carrots for a couple minutes, everything went into a sauté pan. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper…because why mess with the beauty of their natural flavors…we topped it with a quick homemade hollandaise. You can do the same, but imagine your refrigerator is the garden. Grab a variety of ingredients from your fridge and put them on the table for your family knowing they were grown using organic practices. Life is good, right?

Denise with Venner Farm is able to join us this weekend with her organic grains, vegetables, and tasty baked goods.

We now take credit cards and EBT. Shop all the vendors and pay once before you leave! Stop at the Market Manager booth to start the process and have fun shopping.

This week’s vendors:     B&G Produce, Bad River Pack, Sunshine Coffee, Venner Farm, Trautman Honey

Baked Goods & Bread

  • Biscuits (B&G Produce)
    • Buttermilk
    • Sugared Lemon Blueberry – samples available – NEW!
  • Cookies (Venner Farm) – NEW!
    • Butterscotch Oatmeal
    • Chocolate Chip
    • Gingersnap
  • Organic Granola (B&G Produce) – samples available
  • Quick Breads (Venner Farm) – NEW!
    • Banana
    • Dutch Apple
    • Zucchini
  • Rustic Bread (B&G Produce)
    • Blue Cheese Bacon
    • Cinnamon Walnut Raisin – limited quantities
    • Original Wheat – samples available
    • Sun-Dried Tomato Roasted Garlic 

Coffee & Coffee Beans

  • Coffee Beans (B&G Produce)
    • B&G Blend
    • Colombia
    • Honduras
    • Organic Sumatra
  • Drinks (Sunshine Coffee)
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Organic Coffee
      • Cold Brew
      • Drip Coffee
      • Espresso
      • Latte
    • Organic Tea
    • Steamers 

Creative Items & Décor

  • Bird Decorations (Bad River Pack)
  • Embroidered Dish Towels (Bad River Pack)
  • Gourds (B&G Produce) – NEW!
  • Knit Dish Cloths (Bad River Pack)
  • Pine Cones for Holiday Decorating & Crafts (Venner Farm) – NEW!
  • Sunflower Heads for Natural Bird Feeders (Venner Farm) – NEW!
  • Zippered Stash Bags (Bad River Pack) 

Farm Fresh Eggs (B&G Produce)

Farm to Table (B&G Produce)

  • Basil Kale Pesto – samples available 

From The Garden

  • Arugula (Venner Farm)
  • Basil (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
  • Beans
    • Green, Purple, & Yellow Beans (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
    • Italian Flat (B&G Produce)
  • Beets (B&G Produce)
  • Broccoli (B&G Produce)
  • Cabbage (B&G Produce)
  • Carrots (B&G Produce) – NEW!
  • Celery (B&G Produce) – NEW!
  • Cucumbers (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
  • Eggplant (B&G Produce)
  • Fennel (B&G Produce)
  • Garlic (B&G Produce)
  • Kale (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
  • Kohlrabi (B&G Produce)
  • Leeks (B&G Produce)
  • Lettuce, Romaine (B&G Produce)
  • Onions (B&G Produce)
    • Red
    • Walla Walla
  • Parsley (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
  • Pea Shoots (B&G Produce)
  • Peppers
    • Anaheim (Venner Farm)
    • Bell (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
    • Cayenne, Red & Yellow (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
    • Chili (Venner Farm)
    • Gong Bao (B&G Produce)
    • Jalapeno (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
    • Poblano (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
    • Padron (B&G Produce)
    • Serrano (B&G Produce)
  • Potatoes (B&G Produce)
  • Scallions (B&G Produce)
  • Sorrel (Venner Farm) – NEW!
  • Summer Squash (B&G Produce)
  • Sunchokes (B&G Produce)
  • Swiss Chard (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
  • Tomatoes (B&G Produce & Venner Farm)
    • Cherry
    • Slicing
  • Zucchini (B&G Produce) 

Grain & More (Venner Farm)

  • Organic Gold Flax
  • Organic Wheat Berries – taking orders
  • Whole Wheat Flour – taking orders 

Honey (Trautman Honey) 

Meat (Bad River Pack)

  • Beef Jerky
  • Beef Sticks
  • Chicken Sticks – samples available
  • Pemmican – samples available
  • Summer Sausage 

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Where?               Public Parking lot on the corner of Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street (1 block east of downtown Pierre)

When?                 Saturday, 9am-noon

Why?                    You don’t need to remove the “Product of…” sticker from any of our produce!

If you know anyone interested in selling produce, baked goods, meat/poultry, eggs, or craft items, please have them visit our blog (, call or email Julie Bolding at 224.4348 or

See you Saturday!

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