Vendor Profile: Bad River Pack

Have you ever been talking to Don and Mary Ward of Bad River Pack and thought “these two look so familiar, where do I know them from?” The answer is Korner Grocery. They owned the neighborhood grocery store for 25 years. And, yes, they know the secret potato salad recipe!

They bought Bad River Pack in 1990 and made various products for Korner Grocery including ham, bacon, sausages, ring bologna, hot dogs, etc. Don says “preserving meats seemed to be a natural evolution in meat processing.” They started making beef jerky, snack sticks, and summer sausage in 1991 and then pemmican in 2008.


When you’ve shopped at the Bad River Pack trailer, you’ve probably noticed some interesting pemmican flavors. A couple that come to mind are apricot almond, currant hazelnut, and a personal favorite, pistachio garlic onion. Don says the inspiration for the flavor combinations “are ideas they came up with or have gathered from customers along the way.”

After selling Korner Grocery, Don and Mary hit the road, selling at flea markets from western New York to Oregon! They have since settled down a little bit. In the winter they sell at Mesa Market in Arizona, Nemo/Rapid City during the Sturgis Rally, and at the Capital City Farmers’ Market. They also ship all over the United States, some into Canada, and to military troops wherever they are deployed.

You can find them on Facebook and are able to place orders there as well.

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