Vendor Profile: Hanisch Farms


You see him at market once a month and hear his boisterous laugh across the parking lot, but what do you really know about Jared of Hanisch Farms?

Jared has been raising animals and growing produce for 30 years. “My love of gardening started when I was a young boy helping my dad in our garden. Over the years, my family has also become interested.” The family of 6 (the youngest born last year) manage the farm themselves, without any additional hired help. Each family member has specific interests around the farm and Jared anticipates they will carry on the family farming tradition.


He started simply, raising produce and meat for his family. This progressed into selling at farmers’ markets. Currently, Hanisch Farms attend weekly farmers’ markets at Callaway’s in Sioux Falls, the Vermillion Area Farmers’ Market, and he and daughter, Tiffany, join the Capital City Farmers’ Market once a month.

Jared and his family own 200 acres near Humboldt. On that acreage they grow vegetables and fruit, raise a variety of animals for meat, and also have laying hens. To get an idea of their production size, the Hanisch family gathers 40 dozen eggs each day. They use some of those eggs in a family favorite, BOTLE. It’s a bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce and egg sandwich.


He says a favorite part of his job is “seeing all of the hard work and effort put in day after day pay off when customers buy our products and let us know how much they enjoy things they’ve purchased”. It makes his least favorite part, pulling weeds, worth every weed.

Jared says people should shop locally to get to know the person behind the food they are eating. “When you buy local you are supporting families, such as ours, that do what they love and provide wonderful products for consumers along the way.”


Hanisch Farms

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