Vendor Profile: Trautman Honey


We all know honey has positive effects on our body, but how much do you know about the people who raise the bees and harvest the honey? Dave and Wendy Trautman have been vendors since 2014 and have produced honey for 3 years. Once retiring from the military, Dave went back to something he learned while still in high school – bees. Now they have an apiary consisting of 200 bee hives!

The amount of honey Trautmans produce annually depends highly on the year. Drought, heavy rainfall, clover, little clover, frost…all of these things effect the amount and flavor of honey. And, that’s part of the beauty and mystery of honey. As a beekeeper, you really don’t know what you might get each year. Like wine, each year’s harvest may have subtle flavor differences.

An interesting tidbit, which many of you may not know, is that worker bees live only 3 weeks. So, with each bite of Dave’s peanut butter and honey on toast (which is incidentally his favorite way to eat honey), he appreciates each bee and its participation in the process.

Dave and Wendy love talking about their bees and honey. Stop down to market and ask them about the process. Ask about where the bees are located. Did you know, they transport their bees all the way to Texas for winter months?

Trautman Honey is also available at Rilling Produce or you can call them directly.

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