Market – Saturday, July 26

You heard it here…first sweet corn of the season will be available at the Capital City Farmers’ Market this weekend!

Also, for that cult following of fava beans, they will be available Saturday as well!

It’s going to be a great weekend. As I look through the list, I’m so amazed at everything we have to offer. You can literally make your list of weekly meals by stopping by to visit us. Lucky you!

Greater Oahe Action League (GOAL) will be back again this week as an informational vendor. They will have and talk about goals they are working on in our community, including urban hens, increasing local food availability, upcoming farm tours (B and G Produce on Sunday, July 27!), and more.

This week’s vendors: B and G Produce, Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones, Hanisch Farms, Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors, Trautman Honey

Baked Goods (B and G Produce)

  • Baguette (B and G Produce)
    • Asiago
    • Classic
  • Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt Cookies (B and G Produce)
  • Rustic Bread (B and G Produce)
    • 5 Seed
    • Pepper Jack
    • Orange Cranberry Almond
  • Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemony Glaze (Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones)

Clover Honey (Trautman Honey) 

Creative Items (B and G Produce)

  • Peacock Feathers
  • Tea Cup Bird Feeders 

Farm Fresh Eggs (Hanisch Farms) 

Flowers (B and G Produce) 

Four Legged Friends (Bab’s Bites ‘n Bones)

  • Hearty Beef, Small & Medium Treats
  • Savory Chicken, Small & Medium Treats
  • Star & Buster Shapes 

From The Garden

  • Beets
    • Chioggia, Candy Striped (B and G Produce)
    • Detroit Heirloom (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
    • Early Wonder Tall Top (B and G Produce)
    • Ruby Queen (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Broccoli, Green Magic (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Cabbage, Wakefield Early Jersey Heirloom (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Cauliflower, Snow Crown (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Collard Greens (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Cucumbers (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Fava Beans
  • Herbs
    • Basil (B and G Produce, Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
    • Dill (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
    • Parsley (B and G Produce)
    • Thyme (B and G Produce)
  • Kale (B and G Produce)
  • Lettuce
    • Dark Lollo Rossa (B and G Produce)
    • Panisse (B and G Produce)
    • Two Heirloom Varieties (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • New Potatoes
    • Kennebeck Whites (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
    • Purple Viking (B and G Produce)
    • Red Norland (B and G Produce)
    • Yukon (B and G Produce)
  • Onions (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Peppers, Assorted (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Scallions (B and G Produce)
  • Spinach, Giant Noble Heirloom (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • String Beans
    • Provider, Green (B and G Produce)
    • Rocdor, Yellow (B and G Produce)
    • Royal Burgundy, They turn green when cooked! (B and G Produce, Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Summer Squash
    • Magda (B and G Produce)
    • Patty Pan (B and G Produce)
    • Yellow (B and G Produce, Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
    • Zephyr (B and G Produce)
  • Sweet Corn, Early Super Sweet (Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Swiss Chard, recipes available from B and G Produce (B and G Produce, Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)
  • Zucchini (B and G Produce, Robin’s Rockin’ Outdoors)

Meat (Hanisch Farms)

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Goat
  • Lamb
  • Pork 

Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested. If any of you reading this received it as a forward and would like to sign up for my weekly email, send your request to 

Where?            Free Parking lot on Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street

When?             9am-noon

Why?               Because local food is good for your soul!

If you know anyone interested in selling produce, baked goods, meat/poultry, eggs, or craft items, please have them visit our blog at, call or email Julie Bolding at 224.4348 or

See you Saturday!

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