Market – Saturday, July 20

Wow, the heat has been really intense the last few days. The heat and no rain means we’re watering like crazy. But the heat also helps the tomatoes and peppers take off, so that’s good news!

Some more good news…I just talked to Debby and we have our first baby peacock! He/She is with her mom in a special spot in the barn and is currently small enough to fit on your palm. So cute! Can’t wait to meet him/her tonight.

We’re excited to welcome back Beverly Duffy and Denise from Venner Farm this weekend. Along with her many baked goods, Denise may have some gluten free and diabetic friendly desserts.

B and G Produce is excited to bring fava beans to market tomorrow. If you’ve never had fava beans, you really should try them. Somewhere between is pea and lima bean, they are both sweet and earthy, with a plethora of cooking options. Below are two links with recipes. I love the grilled version from, but they are wonderful in any way.

Radishes are also back, so get ready to make radish salsa! If any of you need recipes for radish salsa again, just send me a request. Or make really yummy tacos and add the thinly sliced radishes on the top for some nice crunch and heat!

Let’s not forget the panisse lettuce is back and rustic bread, flowers, beans (!!)…the list goes on. 

B and G Produce

  • Fava Beans
  • Flowers
  • Garden Orbs
  • Green and Purple Beans
  • Herbs
    • Basil (bulk…buy as little or as much as you like, for a great price)
    • Chives
    • Chocolate Mint
    • Mint
    • Oregano
    • Parsley
    • Rosemary
  • Kale (Red Russian, Toscano, Winterbor)
  • Panisse Lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Rustic Peasant Bread
    • Pepper Jack
    • White
    • Whole Wheat
  • Tea Cup Bird Feeders
  • Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Beverly Duffel
Beverly will be back with her painted paving stones! 

Venner Farm

  • Baked Goods featuring Venner Farm flour and farm fresh eggs (possibly some gluten free and/or diabetic friendly desserts)
    • Bar Cookies
    • Fruit Crisps
    • Muffins
    • Quick Breads
  • Freshly Ground Corn Meal
  • Freshly Ground Whole Wheat Flour
  • Organic Wheat Berries
  • Perennials

Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested. If any of you reading this received it as a forward and would like to sign up for my weekly email, send your request to

Where?            Free Parking lot on Sioux Avenue and Coteau Street

When?             9am-1pm

Why?               Because local food is good for your soul!

If you know anyone interested in selling produce, baked goods, meat/poultry, eggs, or craft items, please have them visit our blog at, call or email Julie Bolding at 224.4348 or

See you Saturday!

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