A Farmers Market Meal

Matt and I had a night home together on Wednesday…no weeding Wednesday this week…so we decided to have a nice meal. When Matt plated our dinner, I realized it was literally a Capital City Farmers Market meal. I thought you should all see what a wonderful opportunity you have with the farmers market each weekend. 

Farmers Market Dinner

Matt started with thick slices of eye of round grass-fed beef. He rubbed it with olive oil and dried thyme from earlier this Spring. Simply grilled and topped with a compound butter which included arugula pesto. The arugula was from earlier in the Spring. The bugs had eaten large holes in the arugula so we didn’t bring it to market, but it still made a lovely pesto (arugula, blue cheese, walnuts, and olive oil) for us. We have about 6 portions frozen in the freezer. 

Our side consisted of a trio of green goodness from our garden. Matt sauteed olive oil, onions, and garlic (fresh from the garden!). Then he added beet greens, spinach, and toscano kale. He added some red pepper flakes right near the end. We topped it with a sqeeze of lemon and some shaved Parmesan. We’ve really started to enjoy various greens sauteed together instead of just one kind of green. It gives a nice depth of flavor. 

Finally, he grilled a slice of Rustic Artisan bread and we poured a couple glasses of pitite sirah. It was an excellent meal!

Local ingredients: Eye of Round from Two Plus Three Acres. Dried thyme, arugula, garlic, beet greens, spinach, and toscano kale from B and G Produce. Rustic Artisan bread from Oxbow Farms.

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